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So a few friends of mine are getting married soon. and me being the amazing friend i am (also being the bored and always looking for opertunities to use photoshop, person i am) offered to do their wedding invites. So, i'm putting together some templates for them. and as i got going i decided that i might actually be able to do something with this. so i'm going to put them up here to see if people may be interested in them. maybe i'll get to do some stuff for a small fee. maybe..... but i won't hold my breath just yet....
I'm working on a movie poster for a friend. its a student film and i needed a project in photoshop, so it worked out for the both of us. i'll have images up here soon.

if anyone has any other projects for me i'd love to do some more work.
So, i'm looking for people to take some pictures of. i've been looking at a lot of the photography on here and wana try a bunch of things that i've seen here. but i don't have anyone to take pictures of. if anyone wants to help out let me know.
So i guess i don't really know what to do with these journal enrtries. is it basically a blog? i guess thats what i'll end up using it as.

I like this site alot, i just need to get more stuff up so that people will comment on it. my whole point on here is to get better as a photographer and in photoshop.
So i figured i'd put som stuff up here. i'm interested in the visual arts but i'm new to it. i'm looking for people to tell me what they think about my stuff.